Try Paintball, it’s fun!

Paintball has been described as one of the most enjoyable adrenaline action games in the world! Players work together with their teammates to run, dive, creep, crawl and sneak towards and around opponents to tag them with paintballs and attempt to capture an opposing team’s flag to win! Paintball, when payed with friends and family, is enjoyable, great exercise and ideal for church groups, corporate team-building, school outings or just plain having fun outside, off the couch and in the action!

Moreover, it is a recreational game and sport played by millions of men and women of all ages and walks of life around the world. Each weekend they enjoy time with friends and family, an amazing adrenaline rush and a few hours out of the house. Often compared to a live-action video game, paintball offers men, women, boys and girls an enjoyable, amazing experience like nothing else in the world!

The game itself is open to all ages, but while paintball safety equipment is, generally, one-size-fits-all, younger players often cannot be safely fitted with goggles and face masks, limiting ages to around ten. However, the advent of low-impact paintball and more youth-specific equipment has opened the doors to even younger paintball players, allowing children as young as eight and nine to get in on the action and fall in love with paintball in a safe, organized and supervised environment!

Paintball can be played inexpensively, with rental equipment and admission generally costing between 20 and 50 dollars for a day of play at any local paintball park. More serious players who enjoy playing regularly and want to own their own equipment can spend hundreds on their equipment if they so-desire. Paintball equipment from safety goggles to paintball guns, clothing and accessories are available at prices to fit almost any budget or preferred style of play.

Reservations are generally required to play the game of paintball if players intend to bring a large group. For example, those intending to enjoy a day of paintball with a bachelor party, church group, birthday party or corporate business outing should contact their local paintball park to set up reservations. Most parks and fields offer private group rates and even package discounts and deals for parties and groups! For reservations and more details you can go to TRYPAINTBALL.COM. That said, more experienced players, once they’ve acquired their own paintball equipment, often simply show up at the local field for “pick-up” games or “walk-on” games in which players are separated by skill level to ensure a safe and enjoyable day of play!