Keeping Paintball Relevant

Know What Your State Requires

Every state is different, so please make sure you are following their instructions. We have heard from dealers that if you have questions you can contact your Chamber of Commerce or your Health Department. It is safe to think that they don’t understand your business or how paintball is played. Be sure you ask the correct questions and bring to their attention vital aspects of the sport. 

Some of those points should be:
  1. How far apart should groups be? With the amount of acres my property has I can separate groups of “X” far enough apart. 
    • Businesses are normally attached to other businesses within the same building/complex.  That is a more confined space than an outdoor paintball field and each business can have x consumers.  
  2. Paintball is a Safe Game for Social Distancing and Here is Why:
    • Unlike other activities Paintball games are played on large stretches of land and that keeps players from being in close contact
    • Players do not share equipment. Participants all wear their own face protection, and often wear long sleeves, gloves, and pants reducing the surface of their body that can come in direct contact with contaminated surfaces
    • Participants will be in private parties so they already know the ones within their group and trust that each one in their group is doing their best to protect themselves and each other.

Even while observing the State mandated rules regarding the pandemic control, remember you can still have an open line of communication with your customers through social media. Keep pumping out content and keep paintball relevant. 

A decent amount of paintball stores will still be open since they fall within the gathering limits.  Work with them to communicate to your player base  that if their local field is unable to offer them a place to play over the next month, this does not mean they can’t play paintball.  

Contact your local paintball store for all of your paintball needs.